Journal: Boletin de Investigacion Educativo-Musical . . . [EDP] (C)

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Boletin de Investigacion Educativo-Musical
Bulletin of Research in Music Education

Institutional Affiliation: Centro de Investigacion en Educacuin Musical del
Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires (Research Center in Music Education) CIEM

Editorial: Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires

Editors:  Ana Lucia Frega y Dina Poch de Gr=E4tzer

Quarterly publication: August, December, April

Inaugural year: 1993  Pages: 40-80

Circulation: 250

Subscription: Individual u$ 30 - Institution, Library: u$40 (air mail
postage included)

Payment: by check to "Collegium Musicum de Buenos Aires"

Available through: CIEM, Republica Dominicana 3492 (1425) Buenos Aires,

Journal description

It presents different sections such as: Invited papers; Research in
Argentina; International Research; Students papers; News; Books and
journals review.
Periodically special issues are published with papers presented in
Argentine and South American Research Seminars, organized by the Research
Center in Music Education (CIEM).

Since N=BA 10 abstracts are published both in Spanish and English.

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