MuSICA Research Notes


Adolescent Emotional Response to Music and Risk-Taking (Briefly Noted) {vV #3, F98}

A Few Notes On Pitch {vI #1, S94}

Arts and Sciences, Building Bridges (Matters of Opinion) {vVII #2, S00}

Brain Anatomy and Music {vVI #2, S99}

Brain Coherence, Musicianship and Gender (Briefly Noted) {vIII #2, F96}

Brain Cooperation (Briefly Noted) {vI #2, F94}

Can Music Really Improve the Mind? The Question of Transfer Effects {vVI #2, S99}

Children's Accurate Interpretation of Emotion in Music (Briefly Noted) {vII #1, S95}

Coloring of Life: Music and Mood [The] {vIII #1, S96}

Consider the Source (Matters of Opinion) {vVI #1, W99}

Creating Creativity With Music {vV #2, S98}

Does listening to Mozart Affect Spatial IQ? (Briefly Noted) {vII #2, F95}

Does music compensate for unmet emotional needs of musicians? (Briefly Noted) {vIII #1, S96}

Does Music Have Cognitive "Spin-offs"? (Matters of Opinion) {vI #2, F94}

Earliest Music Lessons [The] {vII #1, S95}

"Elevator Music" More Than It Seems {vII #2, F95}

Feel the Music !! {vVIII #1, W01}

"Feeling of Knowing Music": Trust your Feelings [The] (Briefly Noted) {vVI #1, W99}

Heavy Metal, Rap and Adolescent Behavior (Briefly Noted) {vII #1, S95}

How About Educational Trials for Music? (Matters of Opinion) {vII #1, S95}

Impact of the Arts on Learning [The] {vVII #2, S00}

Is Everyone Musical? (Briefly Noted) {vI #2, F94}

Lessons of the Music Womb {vVI #1, W99}

Mathematical Reasoning is Enhanced by Musical Training (Briefly Noted) {vVI #2, S99}

Melodic Therapy Changes Brain Activation and Promotes Language Recovery After Brain Damage (Briefly Noted) {vIV #1, S97}

More Brain Better Fingering? (Briefly Noted) {vIII #1, S96}

Mozart and Spatial Reasoning (Briefly Noted) {vI #1, S94}

"Mozart Effect": A Small Part of the Big Picture [The] {vVII #1, W00}

Mozart Effect: Public Enchantment and Public Confusion [The] (Matters of Opinion) {vVII #1, W00}

Music Ability is Related to Literacy Skills (Briefly Noted) {vVI #2, S99}

Music Aids Memory Retrieval in Infants (Briefly Noted) {vV #2, S98}

Music Alleviates Brain and Hormonal Abnormalities in Depressed Teens (Briefly Noted) {vVI #1, W99}

Music Alters Children's Brainwaves (Briefly Noted) {vV #1, W98}

Music and Cognitive Achievement in Children {vI #2, F94}

Music and Its Memories {vIII #2, F96}

Music Improves Reasoning in Preschool Children (Briefly Noted) {vIII #2, F96}

Music Research at the Turn of the Millennium {vVI #3, F99}

Music Research: A Broad View (Matters of Opinion) {vVII #3, F00}

Music Therapy and Music Science: Past, Present and (?) Future (Matters of Opinion) {vV #1, W98}

Music: Cultural Add-On or Biological Imperative? (Matters of Opinion) {vI #1, S94}

Music, Development, Aging and the Brain: It's Never too Late for Music {vIII #1, S96}

Music, Neuroscience, Physiology and Medicine (Matters of Opinion) {vIV #2, F97}

Musical Ability as an Independent Intelligence (Briefly Noted) {vV #3, F98}

Musical Building Blocks in the Brain {vI #2, F94}

Musical Compositions by Schoolchildren {vV #3, F98}

Musical Foetus [The] (Briefly Noted) {vI #1, S94}

Musical Hormone [The] {vIV #2, F97}

Musical Infant: Studies Show Infants are "Musical" [The] {vI #1, S94}

Musical Infant and the Roots of Consonance [The] {vIV #1, S97}

Musical Talent: Real or a Myth? {vVIII #2, S01}

Musician's Brain [The] {vII #1, S95}

Musicians' Memory for Tones (Briefly Noted) {vV #1, W98}

Neurobiology of Musical Learning and Memory [The] {vIV #2, F97}

Neurobiology of the Benefits of Music [The] (Matters of Opinion) {vIV #1, S97}

Nonmusical Outcomes of Music Education [The] {vII #2, F95}

On the Importance of Being Accurate (Matters of Opinion) {vV #2, S98}

Physiological Response to Music Stimuli (Student Music Scientists) {vVII #2, S00}

Powers of Music: A Treatment for Epilepsy? [The] {vV #3, F98}

Pre-teens: A Musical Time Slot? (Matters of Opinion) {vIII #1, S96}

Purists and Utilitarians (Matters of Opinion) {vIII #2, F96}

Radical Rap: A "Surprising" Finding (Briefly Noted) {vII #2, F95}

Recent Publications of Special Interest {Some issues}

"Regular People" Have Musical Expertise {vV #1, W98}

Research is Not Enough (Matters of Opinion) {vII #2, F95}

Responding to Attacks on Music Research (Matters of Opinion) {vVI #2, S99}

Second Class Status of Music Education is Based on False Beliefs [The] (Matters of Opinion) {vVI #3, F99}

Sight-Reading Music: A Unique Window on the Mind {vV #1, W98}

Sing, Sing, Sing {vIII #2, F96}

Student Music Scientists {Some issues}

Threads of Music in the Tapestry of Memory {vIV #1, S97}

To The Point {Some issues}

Unconscious Musical Brain [The] (Briefly Noted) {vIV #2, F97}

Underestimating Young Children: Easy for Us, Hard on Them (Matters of Opinion) {vV #3, F98}

Understanding Music's Emotional Power {vV #2, S98}

Wellness, Survival, Music and the Arts (Briefly Noted) {vIV #1, S97}

What the Brain Tells Us About Music: Amazing Facts and Astounding Implications Revealed {vVII #3, F00}

Why Do We Have Music? {vVI #1, W99}

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