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MuSICA currently provides all issues of MuSICA Research Notes. MRN is a newsletter of analysis and commentary on the broad field of research on music and behavior, including evolution, brain mechanisms, child development, perception, learning, memory, performance, health and related topics. The author of all material is Dr. Norman M. Weinberger.

MuSICA Research Notes was published in nineteen (19) issues from Spring 1994 through Summer 2001.

The MRN files can be searched through the subject index. You can also directly select any issue or any article by title.

Citations to articles in MRN should follow the general format given for the following example.
Weinberger, N.M., Musical Talent: Real or a Myth?, MuSICA Research Notes, 2001, Volume VIII, Issue 2, Summer 2001.

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Reproduced with permission.
Dr. Norman M. Weinberger and the Regents of the University of California

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